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Saturday, July 21, 2018, 15:35 Jerusalem time

The masses of the martyrs of the Qassam Brigades south of the Gaza Strip

Qassam Brigades – Special:
Massive masses on Saturday afternoon, the martyrs of the Qassam Brigades Shaaban Abu Khater and Mohammed Abu Farahana of Khan Younis and Mahmoud Qshta from Rafah in the southern sector, who rose after the Zionist bombing targeted the point of two monitoring points of the resistance. 
The funeral processions were led by the leaders of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas and the Mujahideen of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades and a large crowd of citizens towards the martyrs’ graves for their rich neighborhoods. 
During a speech, Dr. Younis Al-Astal and Abu Suleiman Abu Daqqa addressed the martyrs’ graves in greeting to their lives and all the martyrs of Palestine preparing for the liberation battle. 
In a brief military statement on Friday night, the Qassam Brigades named Shaaban Rajab Abu Khater, 26, and Mohammed Riad Abu Farahana, 30, both Khan Yunis and Mahmoud Khalil Qeshta(23 years) from Rafah, who rose after a Zionist bombing targeted the point of two monitoring points for the resistance. 
She added: „Our martyrs rose righteous after the march of the jihad, Musharraf vowed to themselves to God, and changed or replaced until God Almighty to that, we count them martyrs and God Hassibhm and Nzaki God to anyone.” 
The brigades, as they sacrifice to Ala, our heroic martyrs, that their blood and the blood of all the martyrs of our people will not go wasteful, God willing.

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