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Members of the “Girochin Sha” (Guillotine Society), a Japanese illegalist-anarchist cell formed in 1922.

In addition to robbing banks in order to fund their activities, Girochin Sha twice attempted to take the life of General Masataro Fukuda - the person responsible for the murder of the most prominent anarchist writer in Japan at the time, Osugi Sakae.

In the first attempt, one of Osugi’s old comrades, Kyutaro Wada, shot Fukda but succeeded only in wounding him, while in the second, Fukuda’s house was bombed, by Genjirop Muraki and Furuta, but he was not at home at the time.

In 1924, Girochin Sha member Tetsu Nakahama (among others) attacked the president of Kanebo Co. and were arrested.

Nakahama and fellow Girochin Sha member, Daijiro Furuta were later executed (1925) for their “anti-government acts”, including a 1923 bank robbery, and for plans to assassinate Prince Hirohito. Kyutaro Wada committed suicide in his cell, facing life imprisonment.

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