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EU court overrules decision to remove Hamas from terrorism blacklist
Next item under review: Is the Earth still round?
'Opposing nation-state bill means you think Zionism is racism'
MKs spar over definition of "Jewish State," or whether it needs to be defined at all.
Temple Mount is ‘for Muslims and Palestinians only’
“This place is holy to Muslims alone, no one else,” insisted one of the worshipers.
Israelis grade Netanyahu on response to Temple Mount crisis
When asked whether the metal detectors should have been placed on the Mount in the first...
The fight against the new antisemitism

The Jewish People can’t rely on others to protect us. We must fight antisemitism head-on.

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Evidence of Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem unearthed in City of David
During the excavations, concentrated on the eastern slope of the City of David...
Turkey's Erdogan says metal detector removal 'right but not enough'
Erdogan's comments came after he called Tuesday on Muslims worldwide to “defend al-Aksa."
Trump pledges US aid to help Lebanon against Islamic State
Trump did not specify what level of support Lebanon would receive from the United States.
Jewish athlete barred from 1936 Berlin Olympics dies at 103

Bergmann's athletic accomplishments were removed from the record books by Nazi officials.

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Rebuilding Mosul in wake of ISIS destruction
"Daesh militants have been eliminated but the Daesh idea remains. How can I live with my...
Opinion: Time is running out to block Iran’s route to the sea
The Nujaba Movement formed a Golan brigade in March, vowing to attack Israel “should the...
5 takeaways from the Temple Mount and Jordanian crises
Lessons from the last two tumultuous weeks.
Who are the JPost's 50 most influential Jews in 2017?

After last year's success, we are once again turning to our readers to help us compile our list of the world's most influential Jews.

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