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Insula periculoasa

O insulă periculoasă a apărut brusc, de nicăieri, în Triunghiul Bermudelor
O nouă insulă s-a format în Triunghiul Bermudelor. Poreclită Shelly Island (Insula Scoicilor) de către localnici datorită numărului mare de cochilii de pe ea, bucata de pământ, acoperită de nisip şi scoici, şi lungă de câţiva kilometri, a apărut de nicăieri în urmă cu două luni.
Insula este situată în apropiere (...)
O nouă insulă s-a format în Triunghiul Bermudelor. Poreclită Shelly Island (Insula…


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  •  Islamic State counter attack causes fierce clashes in Syria's Raqqa
    Islamic State mounted a fierce counter-attack against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance of militias in the city of Raqqa on Friday, but there were divergent accounts of its success in regaining ground. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based war monitor, said the group had managed to regain control over most of Raqqa's industrial district, but the SDF said fighting was limited to the edges of that area and the attack was repelled. West of Raqqa, the Syrian army advanced on Friday, driving the group from its last territory in Aleppo province in a move that relieves pressure on an important government supply route, a Syrian military source said. Read More 
  • Anti-Media

    New Report Warns Nuclear War Is Inevitable Unless Cooler Heads Prevail

    June 30, 2017 at 8:13 am
    (ANTIMEDIA) — As the Syrian and Russian governments accuse the United States of trying to invent reasons to launch an attack in the Middle East, an international group of former military and diplomatic leaders is warning of an “unacceptably high” risk of global nuclear war if cooler heads don’t prevail.
    In an 11-page report from the Nuclear Crisis Group (NCG) — a subcommittee of Global Zero, an organization that supports the total abolition of nuclear weapons — the former officials make recommendations to governments on ways to de-escalate tensions around the world.
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    “The Nuclear Crisis Group assesses that the risk of nuclear weapons use, intended or otherwise, is unacceptably high and that all states must take constructive steps to reduce these risks,” NCG asserted. NCG is a committee made up of individuals from 10 different countries, including Russia, China, and the United States.
    NCG continued in its overview before getting to the specific recommendations. The group echoed the stance of its mother organization, Global Zero:
    “The only way to eliminate fully the risks of nuclear weapons use is through their abolition. To achieve this, states with nuclear capabilities need, at a minimum, to reduce their reliance on nuclear weapons in their national defense plans, cease expansion of their nuclear arsenals, and reduce the number of weapons.”
    On the deteriorating situation with North Korea, which NCG considers a primary concern, the group said a true de-escalation of tensions will take some time but that sanctions have clearly failed and that genuine diplomacy is the only avenue:
    “To reduce immediate nuclear risks, the United States and North Korea should resume bilateral discussions immediately without preconditions.”
    To get both sides to the table, the group suggested an immediate first step is for the U.S. to knock off the military aggression in the region. Specifically, NCG said the United States should “suspend flights of strategic bombers and visits by strategic submarines” and “refrain from provocative military actions that could escalate to nuclear conflict.”
    On Russia, NCG again said diplomacy is the answer. The group recommended that the “United States, Russia and NATO states commit not to issue public threats of nuclear first use” and “rapidly launch US-Russia strategic stability talks focusing on potential dangers flowing from existing and potential nuclear deployments, doctrines and modernization programs.”
    When it comes to China, NCG found that while its relationship with the U.S. is improving in some areas, true progress has been hindered by a “changing balance of forces” and a “deep-seated lack of trust.”
    “China’s growth in power and influence comes into tension with America’s global power and status. If not wisely managed on both sides, an incident in the region runs the serious risk of escalation,” the group wrote in its report.
    And if an incident does occur in the region, chances are good it will take place in the South China Sea, where China has built and begun militarizing artificial islands. On that front, NCG recommends that China cease such activity and that all state actors in the region — including the U.S. — should jointly agree to protect shipping lanes and air transit routes and come up with guidelines that would allow all to prosper from trade.
    As for the nuclear states of India and Pakistan, NCG found the biggest threat comes from those countries’ lack of security features in their programs. In speaking to Politico about the NCG report, Global Zero co-founder and former nuclear missile officer Bruce Blair said those programs lack the sophistication of those of other nuclear states:
    “They lack safety features and the risk they would detonate from an accident is uncomfortably high. They have not developed the safety features that the U.S. and Russia have.”
    The report further recommends that all nuclear states adopt no-first-use policies, greatly improve methods of communication to reduce confusion among nations should a crisis erupt, and develop cybersecurity measures to guard against the hacking of nuclear operations.

    Corectitudinea politica

    Political correctness is a Rothschild invention of language control. Like the Orwellian Newspeak in 1984, its ultimate aim is to reduce the scope of free thought.
    Political correctness is language control. And language control is thought control. Period.
    Political Correctness — A Rothschild Invention of Language Control
    Political Correctness — A Rothschild Invention of Language Control


    Oameni de rând sau capete încoronate suntem cu toţii – într-o măsură mai mare sau mai mică – influenţaţi de superstiţii. Foarte mulţi dintre noi credem în “semne” care ne influenţeză viaţa sau care ne prevestesc viitorul. Dacă lucrurile prevestite de semnele "citite" în jurul nostru se împlinesc, povestim aceste lucruri aproape cu voluptate celor din preajma noastră. O astfel de poveste este şi articolul “Superstiţii în Palat” publicat de revista “Realitatea ilustrată” din 8 aprilie 1928. Pentru că tuturor ne plac poveştile – care conţin sau nu un sâmbure de adevăr – o să v-o spun şi vouă:

    joi, 29 iunie 2017

    Lider ISIS sigur mort

  •  Iran: ISIS Leader 'Baghdadi is Definitely Dead'
    An Iranian official said Thursday he could confirm the death of the elusive leader of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), but provided little details surrounding the claim. Ali Shirazi, a representative of the foreign branch of Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, known as the Quds Force, said he was sure Baghdadi was dead, but declined to elaborate on how or when the elusive cleric had been killed. The claim comes weeks after Russia announced it believed it had killed Baghdadi during an airstrike last month at what it called a meeting of hundreds of ISIS militants and officials outside of the jihadists' de facto capital of Raqqa in northern Syria. Read More 

    Antarctica are de toate ce nu se găseşte în altă parte. Peisajul cel mai uimitor de pe planetă, temperaturi cu mult sub zero grade tot timpul anului, teren neprimitor şi structuri misterioase îngropate sub gheață. De aceea, Antarctica este unul din puţinele locuri de pe Pământ unde oamenii nu pot trăi permanent. Totuşi, Antarctica era […]


  •  Iraqi leader declares end to IS caliphate but fight goes on
    Associated Press
    MOSUL, Iraq (AP) — With anti-Islamic State group forces on the offensive in both the Iraqi city of Mosul and the Syrian city of Raqqa, Iraq's prime minister on Thursday declared an end to the extremist group's self-proclaimed caliphate. Read More 
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    către mine
    Mosul landscape
     Military Captures Historic Mosul Mosque Where Jihadi Leader Baghdadi Declared Caliphate 
     The group destroyed the mosque earlier this month amidst its final stand for the city. 
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     'Unprofessional' Rex Tillerson Gives Meddling White House Staffers an Earful 
     The U.S. Secretary of State lost it over interference in hiring of employees. 
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    Princess Diana Death
     Prince William and Prince Harry Will Mark Mother's Birthday at Graveside Service 
     The princes have also made plans to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's death in a car crash in August. 
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    Saudi crown prince
     Saudi Arabia's Next King Moves to Secure Power by Confining Uncle to Palace 
     Officials say Mohammed bin Nayef has been confined to his palace by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Sultan. 
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    Niger Delta militants
     Nigeria Militants Will 'Give Peace a Chance' and Stop Launching Attacks in Niger Delta 
     The west African country slipped into recession in 2016 after militants blew up oil facilities. 
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    trump travel ban
     Trump Ban: How to Help Muslims Affected by Travel Blacklist 
     Trump's travel ban will affect people from Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran and Yemen. 
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     NASA Asteroid Hunter Explains the Risks Near Earth Objects Pose 
     Tomorrow is Asteroid Day—an annual event to highlight the risks asteroids pose to Earth. 
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    Bing Crosby
     How to Stay Married: Be Honest, Eat Cake and Sing Bing Crosby 
     This couple, both 99, have been married for 80 years. 
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    Seth Meyers mocks Trump's fake Time cover
     Seth Meyers Mocks Donald Trump's Fake 'Time' Cover 
     The president often gets angry about fake news—but that hasn't stopped him covering his golf clubs in it. 
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     Climate Change Could Devastate Antarctica's Wildlife as Dry Areas Grow 
     Some plants and animals on the continent are found nowhere else in the world. Now they're under threat. 
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    Kylian Mbappe of A.S. Monaco and France at Stade de France, Paris, June 13.
     How French Giant Monaco Could Lose a $400 Million Team in the Summer Transfer Window 
     The club has built a team that is the envy of Europe.