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Antisemitic attacks across London designed to 'instill fear,' says Jewish group

One attack early Saturday morning saw a brick scrawled with swastikas and antisemitic messages thrown threw the window of a Jewish household in the north London district of Edgware.

US in 'beginning stages' of talks to move US embassy to Jerusalem

"We are at the very beginning stages of even discussing this subject," White House...

Trump invites Netanyahu to come to White House in February

The conversation lasted less than 30-minutes.

Editorial: The shocking rise of antisemitism in the US

There are no easy answers to antisemitism, humanity’s oldest hatred.

US Senator blasts German institute for hosting pro-Hezbollah...

Finkelstein is banned from entering Israel for ten years because of his advocacy for...

Watch: Frenzy of sharks swarm to northern Israeli coast

Some 150 bull and sandbar sharks have migrated to the Hadera River estuary, where...

Hamas official says Trump is an ignoramus

“Trump’s approaches to the Palestine issue do not serve stability in the region and entice...

Will American Jews wake up after 28 bomb threats?

On Wednesday, January 18, 2017, there were at least 28 bomb threats against 28 Jewish...

How many ‘first hijabs’ can there be?

The fetishization of religious Muslim women.

Jared Kushner's brother spotted at Women’s March

He told fellow marchers who recognized him as the brother of recently named White House...
Spanish courts deal double blow to BDS movement

Madrid court rules against Rivas Vaciamadrid City Council, annuls decision to boycott Israel.

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